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Companies have the opportunity to present their Blue Angel product using written text and photos on the website More than half a million visitors per year (with this figure rising consistently each year) demonstrate the enormous level of interest shown by consumers. Exploit this opportunity to present your product or service online in the Blue Angel product categories by entering information and photos or adding a link to a suitable dealer directory, online shop or search engine. This service is free to you as a label holder or label user. You can also update the information on your products at any time.

The Blue Angel makes green decisions easy because it:

 ... identifies high-quality and environmentally-friendly products.

 ... helps to save money thanks to energy and water-saving products.

 ... defines product-specific standards that are constantly updated.

 ... enables you to make informed purchasing decisions.


The influence of the Internet on purchasing behaviour is today greater than ever before. Consumers use online information in a targeted way when making their purchasing decisions. They search the Internet for information about the price, quality and properties of a product, as well as to find product reviews. Therefore, it is crucial that they can also find environmentally-relevant information online when researching products and making purchases. Environmental labels such as the Blue Angel offer consumers an important guidance function.

This objective is supported by the Federal Environment Agency, in agreement with the BMUB and RAL gGmbH, in the form of their own project designed to provide targeted support for the online presence and quality of environmental information. The project titled "The Promotion of Quality Standards for Environmental Product Information in E-Commerce" (Förderung von Qualitätsstandards bei umweltbezogenen Produktinformationen im E-Commerce) has a special focus on the Blue Angel ecolabel. The objective is to improve the availability of environmental information in e-commerce and thus to have a positive effect on purchasing decisions for the promotion of sustainable consumption. The aim is for the environmentally-relevant product information to meet the needs of consumers and their usage behaviour, while ensuring it is available, useful and provides a high level of guidance.