Use of the logo

The use of the Blue Angel by the applicant is governed by a contract on the use of the environmental label concluded with RAL gGmbH. This also regulates the type of use and also the period of validity. In terms of the use of the environmental label in advertising or for other measures taken by the applicant, they are required to ensure, for example, that the environmental label is only used in combination with the product which has been certified with the Blue Angel ecolabel. 

The logo is provided in German once the Blue Angel has been awarded. An English version of the label can also be made available on request. The decision about which language version of the label to use on the product is taken by the user of the ecolabel. In Germany, the German version of the logo must be used. The logo should primarily be printed in the colour blue. If this is not possible, it is also permitted to print the logo in the colour black.

The "Blue Angel Tick List" informs consumers about the environmental and purchasing benefits by naming the three most important benefits offered by the product awarded with the Blue Angel ecolabel. The Blue Angel Tick List makes it clear that the Blue Angel takes into account more than just environmental benefits. It can also be used on the product or for advertising purposes.