Success stories

Blue Angel heroes – companies who write environmental history

The Blue Angel uses portraits to present those companies who have achieved something special in the area of environmental protection and have made an outstanding contribution to the Blue Angel ecolabel. These portraits provide an insight into the people working at these companies, their own personal Blue Angel milestones, their visions for the future and answers to environmental questions. Here you can find more information about the individual company stories:



Bright minds at Carus go for LED technology
The LED lamps made by the German company Carus have been the only LED lamps to be awarded the first Blue Angel eco-label for LED Lamps. They set a mark for sustainability. Carus LED lamps even provide double benefit to the climate: LED lamps offer energy savings of 85 percent compared with conventional incandescent lamps.

LIDLEnvironmental protection for all – the Blue Angel in discount stores
Lidl relies on the Blue Angel ecolabel for its product development

The origins, quality and environmental characteristics of a product play an increasingly important role for consumers – and this can be seen across all social classes. The retail trade has responded to this trend and it is thus now possible to find an increasing number of sustainable products, for example with the Blue Angel ecolabel, in the product range at the German discount chain.

Heller-LederEnvironmental pioneer HELLER-LEDER GmbH & Co. KG sets new standards in the production of leather
A leather couch often comes into close contact with our skin over many years – hopefully without causing any health concerns. Hazardous materials used in the tanning process or for the preservation of the leather can often have a negative effect on the environment and people's health. The Blue Angel for low-emission upholstery leathers indicates that the leather is free from substances that are damaging to health and thus guarantees safe indoor air. The leather is also only permitted to contain prescribed preservatives and is subject to strict requirements when it comes to water consumption and the quality of wastewater during its production. The company Heller-Leder, which was nominated for the Blue Angel Award in 2012, was the world's first manufacturer to meet the strict requirements set by the Blue Angel.


Deutsche Telekom relies on the Blue Angel
The landscape is becoming greener for the major telecommunications supplier – sometimes quicker than anticipated. Many ICT companies simply issue their products with their own environmental labels. Deutsche Telecom has a more discerning approach. The company relies on the independent Blue Angel ecolabel and has thus clearly rejected the growing jungle of other labels.


Unify brings the Blue Angel into the office
"Our sales volumes in the 2012 financial year have more than doubled, which is also due in part to the Blue Angel." This is how Unify summarises the performance of their voice over IP telephones (VoIP), which have been certified with the Blue Angel ecolabel since 2011. According to the global supplier of solutions and services in the communications sector, this success is primarily due to the cost-saving environmental benefits that are clearly indicated by the environmental label.


The environmentally-conscious furniture manufacturer: hülsta sets a green trend
Anybody who has looked around a furniture store knows the feeling – there are countless different brand names that mean little to the average person. However, one name does stand out from the crowd: Hülsta – the furniture manufacturer from the Münsterland region of Germany. No other furniture company is better known by Germans (64% brand awareness, Research now 9/2011). And Hülsta is also a prominent name amongst Blue Angel manufacturers.

J.W. OstendorfSilent hero in the paint industry: "Blue Angel Award Winner" J. W. Ostendorf GmbH & Co. KG has transformed a sector
They are now available in every DIY store across Germany: environmentally-friendly wall paints and coatings with the Blue Angel. These products exhibit low levels of environmentally dangerous solvents and formaldehyde, are free of softening agents and only contain small amounts of preservatives. Over 2,000 of these items can be found today in German DIY stores. In other words: almost everybody uses these paints. A significant contribution to this success story was made by the first winner of the Blue Angel Award – which was awarded as part of the ceremony for the German Sustainability Award – in 2012: J.W. Ostendorf (JWO).