The influence of the Internet on purchasing behaviour is today greater than ever before. Consumers use online information in a targeted way when making their purchasing decisions. They search the Internet for information about the price, quality and properties of a product, as well as to find product reviews. Therefore, it is crucial that they can also find environmentally-relevant information online when researching products and making purchases. Environmental labels such as the Blue Angel offer consumers an important guidance function.

The environmentally-relevant product information should be designed to meet the needs and usage behaviour of consumers, while ensuring it is available, useful and provides a high level of guidance. Product research is increasingly carried out using digital media – irrespective of where the purchasing decision is ultimately made. Product information is available online in numerous different locations, from the manufacturer’s website, search engines, Internet communities and marketplaces through to online shops, test portals or non-commercial consumer sites. However, it is important to note that environmental product information is often missing or insufficient on online sites.

The Blue Angel wants to support those parties involved and provide the information that is required to uniquely identify products with the Blue Angel and label them for consumers in search engines, shops or Internet marketplaces.

The project “Promoting quality standards for environmental product information in e-commerce” carried out by Fo.KUS e.V. (Research and Communication for Consumption, Environment & Society) has defined the necessary requirements. Unambiguous identification of the certified products, which is often only possible using a clearly assigned EAN/GTIN or manufacturer’s item number, is necessary for many digital commercial transactions.

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The data is provided voluntarily and maintained by the manufacturers of the Blue Angel products themselves.

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