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Valid product data are a prerequisite for effective digital marketing and sales processes. RAL gGmbH offers online retailers and marketplaces a free data service for products and items certified with the Blue Angel.

Using an e-commerce interface, interested online retailers and marketplaces can automatically access lists updated on a daily basis that contain product codes (GTIN/EAN/UPC) and further information on over 20,000 Blue Angel products and integrate them into their own shop and product information management systems (PIM).

What advantages does the e-commerce data service from the Blue Angel offer online retailers and marketplaces?

  • It supports digital product information management (PIM) and thus improves the internal efficiency of processes for the maintenance of product data
  • It provides you with structured first-hand information from manufacturers and the licensor about those products that hold the Blue Angel environmental label and thus improves the quality of the data and process security
  • It provides access to additional specific content on Blue Angel products and the Basic Award Criteria and improves the image and positioning of your own online shop with respect to sustainability and environmentally friendly products
  • The Blue Angel product characteristics included in the data make the products more visible when they are being searched for in search engines (SEO) and have a positive influence on the purchasing decisions made by consumers (B2C) and companies (B2B) thanks to the Blue Angel seal of quality

How does the e-commerce data service from Blue Angel work?

The e-commerce data service is based on complete product updates that are automatically created on a daily basis and contain structured information on all products and items that are currently licensed with the Blue Angel environmental label.

The data is made available in the export formats xlsx, json and xml. The updates can be flexibly accessed by registered online retailers and marketplaces as part of a pull service via the Blue Angel e-commerce interface as a data download either on a daily basis or less frequently. The information is provided in a standardised form and can be integrated into your own shop processes and systems.

The e-commerce data service is accessed online via specified server addresses of RAL gGmbH. Online retailers have to specify a fixed IP address for their company in advance and have it authorised by RAL in order to use the service.

Insofar as it is available, all product information will be provided at the level of the individual item with the associated product code (GTIN/EAN/UPC). Manufacturer-specific product data, such as the item names and product codes, is sourced directly from the manufacturers and licence holders. They are solely responsible for the maintenance of this data in the central product information section of the Blue Angel website.

In addition, the export data includes other product-specific characteristics and content, such as e.g. the supplier, brand, Basic Award Criteria with the environmental label number and title, links to the Blue Angel logo file and the term of validity of the relevant Basic Award Criteria.

RAL would be delighted to provide specialist support without any obligation to interested online retailers and marketplaces via telephone or video meeting and can also provide test files on request.

Online retailers and marketplaces can use the following form to enter their contact details and indicate their preference. They also have the option of already registering their company for the free e-commerce data service from the Blue Angel.

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