EU Ecolabel

It has been possible to award products with the EU Ecolabel (also known as the EU Flower) in all member states of the EU, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland since 1992.

EU EcolabelIn the same way as the Blue Angel, it is awarded to products and services that demonstrate a lower impact on the environment over their entire service life in comparison to other comparable, standard products. The label covers a wide spectrum of product groups from cleaning products, electrical appliances, textiles, lubricants, paints and lacquer through to tourist accommodation companies and camp sites. The following are currently excluded from being issued with the EU Ecolabel: food, drinks, medicines and medical equipment.

The German Environment Agency is involved in the process for developing the criteria for the EU Ecolabel as a competent body.

Dr. Kristin Stechemesser
German Environmental Agency
Tel.: +49 (0)340 - 2103-2666

RAL gGmbH is responsible for receiving the applications and awarding the EU Ecolabel in Germany.

Lawyer Henning Scholtz
Head of the Environmental Label Department at RAL gGmbH
Tel.: +49 (0)228 68895 140

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