The logo

The Blue Angel logo consists of the following three elements:

  1. The label: The fundamental element of the Blue Angel is the trusted blue emblem of the United Nations Environment Programme in the form of a ring with a laurel wreath and a person with outstretched arms in the centre.

  2. The circumscription: This indicates the significant environmental benefits offered by the labelled products e.g. "because made of 100% recycled paper" ("weil aus 100 % Altpapier"). These main benefits are derived from the comprehensive and product-specific set of award criteria. The criteria for each individual product group always take into account all relevant environmental aspects.

  3. The protection goal: It specifies the relevant environmental medium that is protected to the greatest extent by the labelled product e.g. "Protects resources".

All product groups covered by the Blue Angel are currently allocated to one of four protection goals: