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Award process

A: … for existing Basic Award Criteria

Suppliers file applications
for use of the Environmental Label by proving compliance with the requirements
to RAL – the label-awarding agency

RAL gGmbH i.G
(RAL-German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification)
Siegburger Strasse 39
53757 St. Augustin
Phone:    + 49 (0)2241 - 25516 - 0
Fax:        + 49 (0)2241 - 25516 - 11
Review of the applications for use of the Environmental Label for their compliance with the requirements  
Bundesland (State)
Conclusion of Contracts on the Use of the Environmental Label with suppliers/manufacturers
Suppliers update their advertising using the Blue Angel on the basis of the Contracts on the Use of the Environmental Label concluded with RAL


UBA: Umweltbundesamt  (Federal Environment Agency)
Jury UZ: Environmental Label Jury
BMU: Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz u. Reaktorsicherheit (Federal Ministry for the Environment Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety)
RAL: RAL gGmbH i.G
BDI: Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie e.V. (Federation of German Industries)
VZBV: Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (Federation of German Consumer Organizations)
StiWa: Stiftung Warentest (Foundation for Comparative Product Testing)

B: … for the development of new Basic Award Criteria

New proposals from the general public
with detailed product information to be sent to:

Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency), Dept. III 1.3
Office of the Environmental Label Jury
P.O.Box 1406
06813 Dessau
Phone:      +49 (0)340 - 2103 - 3831
Fax:         +49 (0)340 - 2104 - 2207
Comment by the Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency)
Decision by the Environmental Label Jury on the inspection order
Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environment Agency) 
Technical preparation and proposals for the Basic Award Criteria
Organization of the expert hearings
Expert hearing 
  • RAL (Chair)
  • Federal Environment Agency (UBA)
  • Supplying industries (BDI)
  • Consumer associations (BVZV) / StiWa)
  • Environmental associations, if applicable
  • Trade unions, if applicable
  • Other experts, if applicable

Recommendations for the Environmental Label Jury
Environmental Label Jury
Adoption of the Basic Award Criteria
Publication of the Decisions
Publication of the Decisions by the Federal Ministry for the Environment
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