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Newsletter No. 18, February 2007
Newsletter No. 18

Efficiency in Europe – The Blue Angel and European energy policy

The Newsletter No. 18 contains the following topics:
  • New market inventive program
  • A should stand for best-in-class
  • Saving energy with the Blue Angel
  • China promotes “green” procurement
  • Revision of the Euro Flower

A safe, ecofriendly and competitive energy supply is the basic requirement for positive economic development in Europe. This is one of the goals framed in the German federal government’s work agenda for its EU presidency. What it means in concrete terms is shown by the current EU action plans for increasing energy efficiency as well as climateprotection.

As soon as Germany took charge of the EU presidency at the beginning of 2007, the EU Commission presented its plan for a future climate protection strategy. Completely opening the markets for electric power and gas, creating fair competitive conditions even across national borders in Europe as well as increasing the use of renewable energies are the key areas in which Europe intends to comply with its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol and to consolidate its role as a pioneer in climate protection. In autumn of 2006, the EU Commission already laid down the foundations for intensifying energy savings with its Energy Efficiency action program. 75 steps in ten major fields are designed to make sure that energy consumption in the EU countries is reduced 20 percent by the year 2020. This ambitious Commission goal involves significantly reducing building heating requirements, improving fuel efficiency and enhancing support for ecofriendly vehicles, as well as making the labelling systems for electric household appliances and office devices more stringent.

Energy policy and climate protection are merging more and more; thus, environmental policy tools are becoming cornerstones in developing energy supply. The German government, for example, plans to incorporate the guidelines proposed by the EU Commission in an overall concept on energy policy by the end of 2007. This means new opportunities for the ecolabelling systems, in particular the Blue
Angel. You cannot tell by looking at a product if it is energy efficient. Only reliable labelling creates market transparency for consumers and public procurement. It defines the standards to be met by the manufacturers. The Blue Angel has been focussing on this issue for a long time and has contributed to many innovations in the past. Whether photovoltaic systems or wood pellet heating, computer or multifunctional device – our ecolabel sets the standards for energy efficiency in many product areas. The range of possible products seems virtually unlimited, ranging from power and heat generation technologies to efficient information and communication technology.

Newsletter No. 18, Februar 2007 (pdf, 149 KB)

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