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Here you see a list of all Blue Angel eco-labelled products and services from A to Z:

New Product Groups

Hair Dryers

Hair Dryers

Hair care appliances are basic items that can be found in most German households. Blue Angel eco-labelled hair care appliances achieve power savings of up to 30 percent compared to standard appliances. (...)

Energy-Conscious Data Centers

The Blue Angel eco-label may be awarded to resource-conscious companies committed to the implementation of a long-term strategy to improve the energy and resource efficiency of their data center with respect to the IT services to be delivered and conducting regular monitoring to optimize the data center operations. (...)

Showering in a Climate-Friendly Way

In Germany, the average amount of water used per person per day for personal hygiene is 44 litres which is approximately one third of the total water use. Almost all of the 44 litres is heated before use. Those who make efficient use of hot water can save energy and improve their CO2 balance.

The Blue Angel goes international


  • Blue Angel ecolabel turns 35 | Federal Environment Minister and ambassadors launch campaign // 17 May 2013. The Blue Angel ecolabel has guided consumers in choosing environmentally friendly products for 35 years. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, the Federal Environment Agency and the Environmental Label Jury are using the occasion of the anniversary to launch a campaign supported by the music producer Annette Humpe, radio host Jacqueline Roussety and actor Thomas Arnold. All three have been featured by the Berlin-based photorgrapher Jim Rakete to deliver a personal message.

Welcome to the Blue Angel

The Blue Angel is the first environment-related label for products and services in the world. Since 1978 it has set the standard for eco-friendly products and services selected by an independent jury in line with defined criteria. The Blue Angel is only awarded to products and services which - from a holistic point of view - are of considerable benefit to the environment and, at the same time, meet high standards of serviceability, health, and occupational protection. The Blue Angel considers itself as a market-conform instrument of environmental policy designed to distinguish the positive environmental features of products and services on a voluntary basis. Companies use the label to professionally promote their eco-friendly products in the market. Thus, it is an ecological beacon showing the consumer the way to the ecologically superior product and promotes environmentally conscious consumption.


HELLER-LEDER GmbH & Co. KG wins “Blue Angel Prize 2013“

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